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Cambridge Road
Rijnstraat 8 Den Haag

Rijnstraat 8 Den Haag

New Nato HQ Brussels

New Nato HQ Brussels


10000m² facade - High sound reductive glazing - Parallelogram shaped glass

Calypso Rotterdam

Calypso Rotterdam

InHolland Delft

InHolland Delft


Your façade is our business

At VGV Façades we feel that the combination of over 45 years of technical experience & expertise coupled with the advantages of in-house design, engineering and manufacturing resource provide the perfect formula to help secure and deliver successful projects in the UK market.

We intend to realise these goals by establishing long term relationships and partnerships here in the UK to help develop and deliver these projects together with the client & design team.

We would always welcome the opportunity to cooperate & engage at early stages of any development, offering technical & commercial support to help satisfy aspirations of both client and project.

It has been demonstrated that a mutual approach will help ensure optimal solutions are reached whilst maximising any commercial advantages available, with a continued focus on the visual and technical requirements for each and every project.

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Vorsselmans NV

Delivering high quality Façades through strong cooperation. Vorsselmans NV is one of the most distinguished façade contractors in the Belgian and Dutch market for design and construction of large, complex aluminium façades for both residential & commercial developments.

Each architectural concept is assessed and accurately calculated by our in house estimation & technical departments with a continued focus towards innovation, quality and sustainability.

We continuously advise & inform our clients across the whole bid process right through to site installation, service and aftercare. Cooperation, engagement and excellence are our core values and this has been demonstrated by the nature of the projects that Vorsselmans NV has completed throughout the Benelux countries.

An example of which is the NATO Headquarters in Brussels which commanded an extraordinary level of commitment, communication and technical expertise.

We at Vorsselmans express a clear understanding of the importance of both client & project aspirations and objectives towards energy efficiency & sustainability. For each project and future development there is always a large amount of consideration to the implications and impacts of each process in our business.

Across every part of our business from Benelux to UK, we continue to pursue opportunities for energy reduction, careful transport/handling of raw materials and the consumption of free energy and renewable resource for the future of our planet.

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